Wizard of Legend

Wizard of Legend is an indieroguelikevideo game released by American studio Contingent99 and Humble Bundle in May 2018. Funded through Kickstarter in 2016, players take control of a wizard as they traverse a procedurally generated dungeon, using a wide variety of spells to defeat mobs, three major bosses, and a final boss to earn the title “Wizard of Legend”. The game received generally favourable reviews.

2018 roguelike video game
2018 video game
Wizard of Legend
Developer(s) Contingent99
Publisher(s) Humble Bundle
Composer(s) Dale North
Engine Unity 5[1]
Release May 15, 2018
Genre(s) Roguelike, dungeon crawler
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

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Wizard of Legend is a top-down 2D roguelike game where the player controls a wizard as they attempt to complete a 10-floor procedurally generated dungeon, the ‘Chaos Trials’, using a selection of various spells to defeat various enemies and bosses and become the titular “Wizard of Legend”.[2] Each button or key casts a spell, called ‘arcana’, in the form of a basic attack, and evade, a ‘signature’ (more powerful) arcana, and then a variety of alternate spells, called standard arcana, to aid the player in traversing the dungeon and fighting enemies.[3] The dungeon contains three ‘shops’ per floor to help the player. Two shops are always run by the same NPC, and shops do not appear on floors that have a boss, except the shops just before the final boss. New spells can be bought from a shop that appears on every level of the dungeon with collected money, or added permanently to equip before entering the dungeon through ‘Chaos Gems’, a persistent currency.[2] Passive upgrades, called Relics, are collected in the same way.[2] The player may also buy different styles of robes, called Outfits, with Chaos Gems, which alter the player’s initial stats, such as the player’s starting health, defense, or damage. The robe, however, cannot be changed once in the dungeon, it can only be optionally boosted by an NPC.[4] The third ‘shop’ in a floor is a random NPC, and they have a variety of functions ranging from selling the player relics or arcana to letting the player heal, sell unwanted items, or giving the player increases to some of their stats.[4] Usually the random shop will have a downside for the player to take note of, so it is always best to look out for a potential problem before interacting with one. The player may also interact with a few NPCs prior to entering the dungeon to obtain temporary boosts.[4] The game is completed after completing all floors of the dungeon, defeating three major bosses (wizards representing fire, earth, water, air, and lightning), and defeating the final boss, who represents all the normal elements as well as a special element known as chaos.[2]

There are 6 elements that arcana can be based upon: Fire, Air, Earth, Lightning, Water, and Chaos. All arcana, except for chaos, are able to be obtained through the purchase of chaos gems. Chaos arcana are only earned by defeating the final council member, which only rewards you one arcana per trial run. As of update V1.23, there are 36 of each fire, air, earth, lightning, and water arcana, and 24 chaos arcana. Arcana are divided into 4 sub categories: Basic, Dash, Standard, and Signature. The Basic arcana are the most commonly used spell because of their low cooldown. Dash arcana allow you to evade or maneuver around enemies while also dealing damage. Dashes can be used an unlimited amount of times, but their special effects will go onto cooldowns. Standard arcana are more powerful, either by dealing more damage or powering up the player. Signature arcana are the same as standard arcana except that they will do amazing damage if you successfully fill up the signature meter. Not all arcana have Signature counterparts, but unlocking Signature arcana will provide the Standard counterpart. Every single arcana also contains an enhanced version, that strengthens the arcana in some way. Equipping a Signature arcana will automatically enhance arcana, but they can also be enhanced by purchasing the enhanced version during the trials, or by equipping relics.

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