Special Rescue Police Winspector

Special Rescue Police Winspector (特警ウインスペクター, Tokkei Uinsupekutā) is a Japanesetokusatsu TV series, part of the Metal Hero Seriesfranchise and the first piece of the Rescue Police Series trilogy. The series follows the adventures and missions of a special “Rescue Police” team known as Special Police Winspector, as they stop crimes and respond to dangerous events where regular police force is not sufficient. The team is made up of one human (a hero clad in armor) and two robotic assistants.

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Special Rescue Police Winspector
Genre Tokusatsu
Superhero fiction
Mystery fiction
Science fiction
Created by Toei Company
Developed by Noboru Sugimura
Directed by Shōhei Tōjō
Starring Masaru Yamashita
Hiroshi Miyauchi
Mami Nakanishi
Voices of Kaoru Shinoda
Seiichi Hirai
Narrated by Issei Masamune
Composer Seiji Yokoyama
Country of origin Japan
No. of episodes 49
Producers Kyōzō Utsunomiya(TV Asahi)
Nagafumi Hori(Toei)
Cinematography Susumu Seo, Takakazu Koizumi
Running time 30 minutes (per episode)
Original network TV Asahi
Original release February 4, 1990 (1990-02-04) 
January 13, 1991 (1991-01-13)
Preceded by The Mobile Cop Jiban
Followed by Super Rescue Solbrain

The opening catchphrase of the series is “Special Rescue Police Winspector: with a love of peace and faith in friendship, they face down crime to protect the lives of innocent people, this is the “Metropolitan Police Special Emergency Unit”!” (特警ウインスペクターとは、平和を愛し、友情を信じ、人の命を守るため犯罪に立ち向かう、「警視庁特別救急警察隊」のことである!, Tokkei Uinsupekutā to wa, Heiwa o Ai shi, Yūjō o Shinji, Hito no Inochi o Mamorutame Hanzai ni Tachimukau, “Keishichō Tokubetsu Kyūkyū Keisatsu Tai” no koto de aru!).

. . . Special Rescue Police Winspector . . .

Special Rescue Police Winspector takes place in a near-future Japan of the year 1999. As the country is facing a great threat from criminals, new methods of protecting people are created. The Winspector squad, consisting of the robot brothers Walter and Bikel, along with Ryouma (wearing the Fire Tector armor), defend against super powered threats, ranging from mob attacks to scientific experiments gone terribly wrong.

  • Ryoma Kagawa/Fire (香川 竜馬/ファイヤー, Kagawa Ryōma/Faiyā): 23 years old. Ryoma is the leader of the team and the only human member. Like Masaki, he is also a Police Superintendent. Kagawa is an orphan skilled in martial arts and knows five languages. His primary means of transportation is a purpose-built car named Winsquad. When initiating his transformation to Fire he calls out “Suit up!” (着化!, Chakka!). He is then equipped with an energy sword – his primary all-purpose weapon – and a suit of red armor named the Crush Tector (クラステクター, Kurasu Tekutā), which enhances his strength and can protect its wearer from poisonous gas, heavy gunfire, and oxygen deprivation, but can only be worn for five minutes at a time due to the stress it puts on his body. There are also other, more specialized weapons and tools available. Ryoma has a sister. He later joined the Solbrain team as Knight Fire.
  • Bikel (バイクル, Baikuru): Walter’s “twin brother”, Bichael is one of two robots who assist Ryouma. His primary means of transportation is his motorcycle. However he also has a wheel integrated into his chest section which he can use to “land-surf” when no vehicle is available. His weaponry consists of twin lances, which can be combined into a longer staff and can alternatively function as the handles of his motorcycle or coin bombs. Bikel’s armor is yellow. Being a master of jokes and sometimes a little inane, he’s often subject to Walter’s anger. He speaks in a Nagoya dialect.
  • Walter (ウォルター, Worutā): Bichael’s “twin brother”, Walter is the other of the two robots in the team. Being equipped with wings enables him to fly, thus requiring no special vehicle. His armor is turquoise. Walter loves children and he is generally the type of “person” who enjoys life.
  • Shunsuke Masaki (正木 俊介, Masaki Shunsuke): Shunsuke is Winspector’s commander and founder. He usually remains in the headquarters of Winspector, but if necessary, for example when a member falls into a pinch, he goes to the site himself and takes command. After the series, he established another rescue team called Solbrain and made a comeback in the last few episodes of Exceedraft.
  • Junko Fujino (藤野 純子, Fujino Junko): Junko is an information G-man. She is an expert with handguns.
  • Hisako Koyama (小山 久子, Koyama Hisako): Hisako is a secret G-man. She usually works in a coffee shop. Her father, Masanobu Koyama (小山 正信, Koyama Masanobu), was a colleague of Masaki until he was killed in action six years ago.
  • Shin’ichi Nonoyama (野々山 真一, Nonoyama Shin’ichi): Shin’ichi is Winspector’s mechanic. He develops rescue tools and maintains Bikel and Walter. Likes playing chess
  • Madocks (マドックス, Madokkusu): Madocks is Winspector’s supercomputer. Madocks holds data on every criminal and can analyze it in an instant.
  • Demitasse (デミタス, Demitasu): Demitasse is a small robot. His main work is to repair Bichael and Walter during emergencies, as well as secret investigation activity.

. . . Special Rescue Police Winspector . . .

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. . . Special Rescue Police Winspector . . .

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