Noble Aspirations

Noble Aspirations (Chinese: 青云志; pinyin: Qīng Yún Zhì), also known as The Legend of Chusen, is a 2016 Chinese xianxia television series based on Xiao Ding (萧鼎)’s best-seller novel Zhu Xian. Produced by H&R Century Pictures Co.,Ltd, the series stars Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying, Yang Zi, Cheng Yi and Qin Junjie in the leading roles.

Chinese television series
Noble Aspirations

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Also known as The Legend of Chusen
Zhu Xian: Qing Yun Zhi
Traditional 青雲志
Simplified 青云志
Mandarin Qīng Yún Zhì
Genre Xianxia
Based on Zhu Xian by Xiao Ding
Written by Shao Xiaoyi
Zhang Shaowei
Directed by Zhu Ruibin
Liu Guohui
Zhou Yuanzhou
Zhang Jian
Starring Li Yifeng
Zhao Liying
Yang Zi
Cheng Yi
Qin Junjie
Opening theme “Floating Pearl” by Jason Zhang
Ending theme “Time and Words” by Zhang Bichen
Composers Ikuro Fujiwara
Seikou Nagaoka
Country of origin China
Original language Mandarin
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 55 (Season 1)
18 (Season 2)
Executive producers Gao Xinjie
Zeng Minghui
Producer Deng Xibin
Production locations Yunnan, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Hunan, Fujian, Zhejiang, Henan
Production companies H&R Century Pictures Co.,Ltd
Original network Hunan Television (Season 1)
Tencent Video (Season 2)
First shown in China
Original release 31 July (2016-07-31)(Season 1)
8 November 2016 (2016-11-08) (Season 2) 
8 November 2016 (2016-11-08) (Season 1)
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The first season aired from 31 July to 8 November 2016 on Hunan TV.[1] The second season premiered on 8 December 2016 on Tencent Video.[2]

. . . Noble Aspirations . . .

Zhang Xiaofan (Li Yifeng), and childhood friend Lin Jingyu (Cheng Yi), are the sole survivors of a village massacre. The two are accepted into the Qing Yun sect, where they learn the ways of the Immortal Sword. Although he is hardworking and determined, Xiaofan struggles to catch up to his peers due to his slow wit. One day, he acquires a “dementor sword” by chance when he was training in the mountains.

During the martial arts competition held within Qing Yun sect, Xiaofan enters the Top 4. Together with Lu Xueqi (Yang Zi), Lin Jingyu and Zeng Shushu (Qin Junjie), he heads to the Bat Cave in Mt Kongsan to investigate the trails of the demonic sect. There, Xiaofan encounters danger and pivotal circumstances make him grow and mature. Along the journey, he meets Bi Yao (Zhao Liying), daughter of the Ghost King. Their relationship slowly grows and takes a meaningful turn through these difficult times.

However, the villainous Ghost King attempts to overthrow the Qing Yun sect, and Xiaofan puts his life on the line. Bi Yao sacrifices herself to save him, falling into an endless sleep.

After Bi Yao sacrifices her life to protect Zhang Xiaofan, she falls into an endless sleep. Devastated and vengeful, Xiaofan decides to devote his life to saving her. He enters the Ghost King’s faction, and becomes his right-hand man Gui Li, also known as “Lord of Blood”. He embarks on a quest with former allies Lin Jingyu and Lu Xueqi, as well as former enemies such as Qin Wuyan (Mao Zijun) to revive Bi Yao.

Gui Li returns to the central plains to destroy the Zhu Xian sword to revive Bi Yao. However as he tries to destroy the Zhu Xian sword, he was hurt by the sword’s aura. Gui Li was saved by his former master, Pu Zhi, who reminds him of his original heart. He attains the fourth heavenly book from the back mountains of Tian Yin Pavilion. As he enters the Shiwan Mountain to kill the Beast God, he meets Lu Xueqi there and has a fierce battle with her. Gui Li realizes that he loves Lu Xueqi, and was only grateful toward Bi Yao. Gui Li intends to head back to Qing Yun sect to marry Lu Xueqi, but realizes that Dao Xuan has already been taken control of by the Zhu Xian sword. In the midst of battle, Lu Xueqi has no choice but to kill Tian Buyi as he was controlled by Dao Xuan. Unable to accept the death of his former master, Gui Li left Qing Yun. The Ghost Lord went into a craze, causing the Huqi Mountains to be destroyed and Bi Yao’s body to be lost. Gui Li’s ten-year-wish to revive Bi Yao suddenly falls empty, and realizing the importance of true love, he decides to go look for Lu Xueqi. The Ghost Lord finally revives Bi Yao, and passes to her an overwhelming force of cultivation. Facing his former lover and the common people of the world, Gui Li finally understands that evil and kindness are ultimately decided by one’s heart. With the help of Lu Xueqi, he rebuilds the Zhu Xian sword, and then spends the rest of his life with Lu Xueqi.

Actor Character Introduction
Li Yifeng
Roy Wang (young)
Zhang Xiaofan (张小凡)
Gui Li (鬼厉)
Determined, loyal and brave, Zhang Xiaofan starts out as a man with mediocre skills despite his hard work. By chance, he is able to learn the skills of the Heavenly book, and becomes the first person to possess cultivation from Fu (Buddhist), Dao (Taoist), and Mo (Heretics). He obtains the Striking Blood Pearl (噬血珠) from Pu Zhi, one of four reverent masters of Tian Yin Pavilion, and a black stick object called Sucking Soul Club (噬魂) from the Da Zhu Pavilion’s lake in the back mountain. Both merges with his blood to become a blood magic object. Later, his soul is trapped by the He Huan bell, causing him to transform into Gui Li, also known as Master of Blood. He thereafter wanders the world in search of a way to revive Bi Yao. And in the end falls in love with Xue Qi.
Yang Zi Lu Xueqi (陆雪琪) Disciple of Mt. Xiaozhu. Known for her incomparable beauty and icy cold personality, Lu Xueqi is one of the most skillful and talented disciples of the Qing Yun sect. She wields the Tianya Magical Sword (天琊剑) and specializes in the Thunder Driven Spell (神剑御雷真诀). She is an upright and law-abiding person who hates associating with the evil. She falls in love with Zhang Xiaofan after undergoing life and death situations with him.
Zhao Liying
Zhang Zimu (young)
Bi Yao (碧瑶) Daughter of the Ghost King and Xiao Chi. She wields the Broken Heart Flowers (伤心花) and Happy Reunion Bell (合欢铃). Beautiful, spunky and bright, Biyao is a noble girl who will do anything for love regardless of other people’s opinions. She falls in love with Zhang Xiaofan after witnessing his courage and loyalty. She died for Zhang Xiaofan under the Zhu Xian Sword, causing the transformation of his lifetime.
Cheng Yi
Wang Junkai (young)
Lin Jingyu (林惊羽) Disciple of Mt. Longshou. He possesses extraordinary skills and potential, and becomes the first disciple of Discipline Hall under Cangsong. Later, he comes under the tutelage of Wan Jianyi, and was given the Slaying Dragon Sword (斩龙剑). He is childhood friends with Zhang Xiaofan, and likes Jin Ping’er.
Qin Junjie Zeng Shushu (曾书书) Disciple of Mt. Fenghui and Zeng Shuchang’s son. He wields the Xuanyuan Sword (轩辕剑) and specializes in the Qingmu Magic Incarnation (秦木法咒). He is a humorous, easygoing and quirky man who is known for coming up with many new inventions and techniques. He later inherits the position of Chief of Yu Du City from his grandfather. He is good friends with Zhang Xiaofan, and has an unrequited crush on Lu Xueqi.

. . . Noble Aspirations . . .

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. . . Noble Aspirations . . .

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