Mutěnice Wine Region

The Mutěnice Wine Region is composed of four villages – Mutěnice, Dubňany, Ratíškovice and Milotice.

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Village Mutěnice


Mutěnice – Mootyenitse (as in a cow goes mooo)
Dubňany – Doobnyanee
Ratíškovice – Ratishkovitse
Milotice – Milotitse

The region is renowned throughout the Czech Republic for its production of wine frequently taking the top prizes in the country’s wine competitions. Several of the country’s important wine companies are based in the region but mostly the land is owned by locals who just enjoy producing wine as a hobby. The area outside the four main towns is dotted with small settlements composed entirely of wine cellars that locals use as a weekend getaway to relax and work in their private vineyards. The locals are more than enthusiastic to share the fruits of their hard labor with just about every passing individual.

Although the wine industry is flourishing, almost no other section of the economy around Mutěnice is growing. In addition to being fertile land for wine, there was a lot of mining activity under communism, all of which came to a grinding halt during privatization. This has the left the region with an unemployment rate of almost 20%. Don’t let this dissuade you from visiting though, other than some distant decaying factories visible far off on the horizon, as a visitor you’d never know the region is undergoing an economic crisis of sorts.

The region is far off the beaten tourist trail running through Prague so be prepared to practice a bit of your Czech, or at least use your phrasebook. You most likely will only encounter Czech tourists during your visit, foreign tourists are practically unknown.

Wine cellars between in Mutěnice

By bus
There are two routes you can take when traveling by bus and they will most likely determine where it is you will be spending the night.

For those coming from Prague by bus you’ll need at least a whole weekend to make this trip, starting around mid day on Friday and returning in the evening on Sunday. Thursday to Sunday would probably be better though.

For those coming from Brno you could make the trip over one day.

  • Bus from Brno to Mutěnice
This bus leaves almost every 45 minutes from Zvonařka main bus station in Brno. The bus station is not far from the city center. If arriving from Prague be sure and buy a ticket to Zvonařka and not the Hotel Grand bus stop. Student Agency, the major Prague – Brno Bus operator does not run to Zvonařka. At Zvonařka, you will want to take the bus to Hodonín which leaves from the last bust stop of the second bus lane counting from the left. You can buy your ticket on the bus for under a 100 Kč. The ride takes about an hour but it is a very nice trip. You want to get off at Mutěnice, which will only be indicated by the white sign at the edge of the village. About a half-hour into the trip ask someone to tell you when the bus has arrived in Mutěnice. If you miss the stop, continue on to Hodonín (another 10 minutes) and catch one of the many buses back to Mutěnice or to Dubňany depending on your preference.
Every Thursday and Friday at 14:30 there is a bus from Prague directly to Dubňany. Tickets can be bought at the Florenc main bus station for 220 Kč, preferably in advance. This bus will stop in Hodonín, once you have left Hodonín ask someone on the bus to tell you when you have arrived in Dubňany. The trip from Hodonín to Dubňany takes about 10 minutes.

By car
From Brno take the motorway towards Bratislava, about 15 km before the border you will come to the Hodonín turn off. Take this, go to Hodonín and then follow a map the short distance to either Mutěnice or Dubňany.

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